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VillagesOKC is a nonprofit that connects adults ages 50+ in the greater Oklahoma City metro area to valuable resources that empower them to remain independent and age gracefully. 

Following a nationally successful model, VillagesOKC consists of virtual neighborhoods
of volunteers that share vital connections, education and programming with its members heightening their quality of life. 



Your Brain Can Change Your Bloodpressure
Presented by Susan Radcliff, RN


When you attend this event- Your Brain Can Change Your Blood Pressure, you will learn:

How your body was designed to optimally function.

-What has happened in our societies today, that challenges our bodies.

-What your body does in response to your thoughts and feelings and beliefs

-What you can do to change your bodies reactions to your environment (It’s all about perception)

-How your heart is connected to your body’s response.

- How you can change NOW.

-How we can measure what is happening to you in “real time”

– Measuring devices will be available to demonstrate how quickly your body responds, and what you can do about it.


Monday, April 17th
1:00pm - 2:30pm

Our Lord's Lutheran Church
2900 W. Hefner Rd, OKC

FREE for all!

Click HERE to register!