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Our first metro village is VillagesOKC Northwest. It is so named because Northwest Highway runs thorugh this Village area as a main artery. VillagesOKC Northwest have been identified as North of I-40 and South of 206th; East of Western Ave and West of Sara Road. Future plans are to have Villages blanketing the Oklahoma City Metro and surrounding areas. 

VillagesOKC Northwest offers three membership categories. Full Services Members can receive services in the home as well as attend all social and educational events as well as computer access to the vetted vendor list.  Social Memberships allow attendance at all social and educational events and also access to the vetted vendor list.  Associate Memberships are for anyone not living within the VillagesOKC Northwest parameters, with the same benefits and fees as social members. Associate membes are likely considering the development of a spoke Village near their home. VillagesOKC Northwest needs lots and lots of volunteers. Volunteers too are vetted and trained to provide important support. Many who are village members are also volunteers - because having a meaningful purpose adds value to life. When you have something to give, you are never poor.


Steps to becoming a member are simple: apply, complete the background check, pay the annual fee. A detailed explanation of the membership categories and fees is located on the Members Tab.




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